Can Seduction Create Meaningful Relationships?

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Can Seduction Create Meaningful Relationships?

Postby Martin D. » Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:34 pm

Troy: Split this from:

First, people evolve and individual goals change. Someone who is a self proclaimed PUA may not be so fond of that title years down the road. (note: some people change very little) Here's my personal evolution (simplified) and what I was focusing on during my time in this community.

Cold Approach and Phone numbers --- Text Game --- SNL --- Online Dating --- Mentoring --- MLTRs --- Business Contacts --- Having Fun --- Social Circle --- Coaching/Teaching --- Finding the Perfect Girl --- Being Happy.

Now, this is just a list of things that I was focusing on in a somewhat chronological order; some things overlap and others are always there and fluctuated in importance. Meaningful relationships will only work if that is what you are focusing on.

Second, as a PUA or "Social Butterfly", you learn alot about others and social situations, but most importantly, you learn about yourself, your preferences, likes/dislikes and your self-worth. This knowledge is part of why some "PUAs" have trouble maintaining long term relations.

Some "Regular Guys" that don't have that knowledge are more prone to work to keep the girl they have around because they probably don't know exactly how they got her in the first place and are afraid that they might not be able to do it again or they think that she is the best they will ever be able to get.

"PUAs" on the other hand, have a broader perspective on what they are able to accomplish and know how it is done. With practice and experience, you can have your pick of women and your standards shoot up to levels that no-one can reach...which brings me to my next point.

From the start, you are indoctrinated into the "NEXT" mindset.(note: this is not a bad thing at the beginning, but at some point you need to move on)

A girl rejects you?...Next!
She flakes?...Next!
You don't like her attitude?...Next!
She wants to end the relationship?...Next!

This keeps growing until you find a girl that is perfect for you and you like everything about her, so you decide that you want to have a meaningful relationship with her. One day, she does something small that you don't quite agree with or you find out that she isn't quite as perfect as you thought ('s perfect) Then those old habits come back and this little thing makes you want to just give up...Next! and keep looking for that even more perfect girl.

Truth is, whether you're a PUA or regular joe, you can have meaningful relationships; it all depends on what is meaningful to you and what makes you happy.

-People want different things
-With great power comes great responsibility
-Don't NEXT! a girl without giving her a chance
-Do what makes you feel happy
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